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How Receptive is Rhode Island Towards Immigrants?

The divide in politics and society has made immigrants the topic of discussion. There is a lot of controversy about the legality of immigration and changes that the administration is proposing. There is a lot of discussion all over the…


Advice for Marriages to Foreigners: Conditional Residency Status Removal

Conditional residency status is something that can change with marriage and is as common as a name change. However, it isn’t as simple as saying “I do”. You still must follow the process. It is a process that isn’t combative,…

Post Conviction

What is an Expungement?

Sometimes when we are young we make mistakes, and those mistakes can sometimes get you into very big trouble. No one is perfect, and no one should have to pay for mistakes they made in the past for the rest…


The Data on White Anxiety Over Hispanic Immigration

What drives American views on immigration is often not pretty. Media coverage in this country has a huge effect on how people form their political views. I just finished reading this article in the Washington Post about a study done…


Immigration Rallies in Providence

Two groups with opposing views on immigration issues rallied Friday. At left, Terry Gorman, and Rhode Islanders for Immigration Law Enforcement held a protest against proposals for sheltering migrant children in U.S. at the State House Friday afternoon. At left,…


DAPA Updates

Despite the unfortunate withdrawing of the DAPA program by legislative red tape, community organizations continue to prepare for the onset of the DAPA programs. Community organizations are mobilizing to serve the thousands of immigrants anticipating the benefits of the DAPA…