DAPA Updates

Despite the unfortunate withdrawing of the DAPA program by legislative red tape, community organizations continue to prepare for the onset of the DAPA programs. Community organizations are mobilizing to serve the thousands of immigrants anticipating the benefits of the DAPA plan.

DAPA Delays

DAPA was originally introduced by President Obama to provide relief to the 4.9 million immigrants and permit them with a legal temporary status to stay in the U.S. DAPA, Deferred Action for Parental Accountability, was set to begin receiving applications in May of 2015. Since then the program has experienced some major setbacks. U.S. District Judge Andrew S. Hanen was the first to block the progression of the plan in February 2015. In a clear-cut statement, Judge Hanen ruled and stated that he would not permit the program to move forward while 26 states presented challenges via a lawsuit. The overall frustration felt by the immigrants and supporters of DAPA is immeasurable. However, many still have hope in the midst of it all.

We recommend preparing our documents and paperwork with the aid of an experienced immigration attorney in preparation for the onset of the DAPA program. If anyone advises you to pay for your application or gives you incorrect information regarding the criteria for DAPA please seek out professional assistance. Our immigration attorneys are ready to help you understand and complete the DAPA process. Call 401- 421-1440 to speak with our legal team today.