If you are facing immigration or federal sentencing issues, Massachusetts post-conviction relief could greatly impact your case. The attorneys of The Law Office of John E. MacDonald, Inc. have argued to vacate or modify sentences throughout Massachusetts successfully. The Law Office of John E. MacDonald, Inc. has earned a reputation as one of the most experienced Massachusetts post-conviction relief law firms. Immigration attorneys in Massachusetts refer their clients to The Law Office of John E. MacDonald, Inc.

What is Massachusetts Post-Conviction Relief?

Massachusetts post-conviction relief is defined as the appeals of a criminal conviction in which the court grants some form of relief or modification after a conviction. Post-conviction relief includes the modification of a sentence, the declaration of a new trial, and release. Your attorney must prove that the post-conviction relief is justifiable. Courts have the authority to re-arrange the orders and make amendments to the orders. Regarding retrials, release on security or surveillance and re-arraignments the court can modify the original orders that were set.
Both federal and state laws apply to Massachusetts post-conviction relief. Post-conviction relief laws vary from state to state. Laws that challenge a judgment of conviction may be related to post-conviction relief. Securing legal counsel that is well-versed and experienced in this field is crucial to the outcome of each case.

Who should retain an Attorney for Removal/Deportation?

Post-conviction relief is especially important to people who wish to naturalize, have overstayed, adjust your status, with a criminal conviction, or is in B.C.I.S. removal/deportation or criminal court proceedings. If you fall into one of these categories, you will want to find an attorney with experience in both immigration and post-conviction relief. Because of the implications that convictions can have on immigration we offer a full range of both services.

Many times, our client’s previous counsel was inadequate. We work these individuals and their families to ensure they receive the proper result for their cases. Our goal is to have our clients receive withholding of removal and cancellation of removal. We will aggressively and thoroughly represent you to help you stay in the country that you have come to love.

If you or a family member or friend requires post-conviction relief representation to stay in the U.S., The Law Firm of John E. MacDonald, Esquire is ready to give YOUR immigration or conviction case the attention it deserves. Please CONTACT US today a consultation.