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RI Immigration Lawyer

Rhode Island Immigration Attorney

The Rhode Island immigration lawyers of The Law Office of John E. MacDonald, Inc. successfully represent clients at the Boston Immigration Court and Providence Immigration Office. Over the years we have represented hundreds of families in obtaining legal permanent residence and citizenship. Many of the clients we represent have experienced illegal entry into the country or a visa overstay. Some clients also require experienced legal representation as well as legal guidance on prior criminal records. Our immigration lawyers understand the time and commitment needed in each case. We successfully terminate deportation cases in the Boston Immigration Court. You can call me 24×7 for a FREE consultation.

RI Immigration Lawyer

RI Deportation Defense

Rhode Island Deportation and Removal Defense Lawyer

The Rhode Island Deportation Defense Lawyers of The Law Offices of John E. MacDonald, Inc. represent clients facing immigration issues, including deportation, removal, and visa overstays. Our law office is dedicated to ensuring the rights of immigrants are not infringed upon and that they have every opportunity to explore the opportunities afforded to immigrants in this country. In cases where procedures were not properly followed we have the responsibility to challenge the deportation and removal actions that follow. Our primary goal is to terminate or cancel the unfair judgment made in error. Call (401) 421-1440 for a free consultation.

RI Deportation Defense


Military Criminal Defense

Rhode Island Post-Conviction Relief

Vacating criminal convictions or modifying sentences is a vital service our attorneys provide to clients facing severe immigration or federal sentencing consequences. The attorneys of The Law Office of John E. MacDonald, Inc. have argued to successfully vacate or modify cases throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Our Rhode Island law firm provides legal services in post-conviction relief and modifications. Because laws related to post-conviction can vary in different states it’s best to secure legal representation from an experienced immigration attorney with a successful track record of post-conviction relief cases.

RI Post-Conviction Relief

Motor Vehicle Offenses

Rhode Island Permanent Residence Attorney

The Rhode Island Permanent Residence Lawyers of The Law Offices of John E. MacDonald, Inc. have successfully assisted clients gain permanent residence or Green Cards in the United States in many different ways, including adjustment of status. We understand the importance of providing these legal services and how significantly they can impact an individual and a family. Minor errors in the application process could lead to major problems in the long run. That’s why we recommend allowing an experienced Green Cards and Permanent Residence Attorney to aid you in the process. Our legal team is committed to delivering the results you desire. Call us for a free consultation about your immigration matters.

RI Permanent Residence Attorney

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Rhode Island Immigration Attorney John MacDonald talks about his extensive credentials as an immigration attorney in the states of Rhode Island and Massachusetts and the 4 areas of immigration law he works in.

About RI Immigration Attorney John E. MacDonald

The Rhode Island Immigration Lawyers at the Law Office of John E. MacDonald, Inc. successfully represent clients at the Providence Immigration Office and the Boston Immigration Court. We have successfully terminated deportation cases in the Boston Immigration Court and assist our clients to obtain permanent residence through adjustment of status in the United States or consular processing board. Our Clients that are seeking US Citizenship retain us to ensure that their petition is filed quickly and approved as fast as possible.