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Since 2001, Attorney John E. MacDonald has successfully vacated over 500 misdemeanor and felony state convictions in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. As a result, his clients have avoided the draconian consequences of deportation and have been able to re-new their green cards or apply for citizenship. Here is a small sample of post-conviction relief results:

Seven Deferred Convictions Successfully Vacated

Clients no longer have felony criminal records.

Case: Attorney MacDonald successfully obtained post-conviction relief results in seven separate cases wherein the original plea was vacated and charges dismissed and sealed. Clients who had been unable to clear their records as a result of the Briggs decision now have clean criminal histories.

Result: As a result, the clients no longer have felony criminal records.

Aggravated Felony Post Conviction Relief

Client no longer has a felony conviction and is eligible to apply for naturalization

Case: Client, a lawful permanent resident of 35 years, received a 7-year suspended sentence for Assault with a Dangerous Weapon in 1993. Post-conviction relief was filed after client was placed in removal proceedings for having an aggravated felony conviction. Client ultimately received a 212(c) waiver at the Boston Immigration Court despite this conviction. Post-conviction was later granted, vacating the sentence and allowing the client to be re-sentenced to 364-days suspended.

Result: As a result, client no longer has an aggravated felony conviction and is eligible to apply for naturalization.